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Using ccache with gccxml

I’ve patched gccxml to be able to use it with ccache. It was pretty simple — it was only necessary to:

  • add a -c option which does nothing, but make ccache think that gccxml is not used to link some code, even if it makes no sense for gccxml. Without that option, ccache doesn’t cache gccxml and log it in “called for link” — visible with ccache -s.
  • add a -o option which does the same thing than the usual -fxml=, but in a more usual way for a compiler.
  • and don’t use the --gccxml-gcc-options option, as ccache doesn’t like the commands with multiple input files. ccache reports it in its stats in the “multiple source files” section.

The results are quite interesting:

  • gccxml without ccache: 2.532s
  • gccxml + ccache, 1st run: 3.012s
  • gccxml + ccache, next run: 0.436s

Brad King has just accepted the patch, so it will be available in the next CableSwig release :-)

WrapITK is patched already to support this feature — I hope to get quite impressive results on rebuild. I’ll try to make some measures soon.