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Back to blogging, with Jekyll

I’ve been quite busy in the last years — 2 children (conceived by IVF), a new job, two new homes — that didn’t let me much time for blogging. The lack of stable IP at my new homes for my self hosted blog finally completely took my blog off line.

I keep trying a few fun things though, that I can’t necessarily find in all these amazing blogs on the internet. I feel I should make these things available somewhere, instead of keeping them for me.

Things have changed quite a lot since my last attempt at blogging. More specifically, my blogging tool nanoblogger, is gone. But a lot of alternative are there! I’ve chosen Jekyll with Lanyon. The theme is nice and clean and it integrates very easily with GitHub Pages — goodbye hosting problems! It is also a lot faster then nanoblogger, and I feel right at home with the markdown syntax and the directory layout.

The few missing things were found on Joshua Lande’s blog or created from scratch.

What was done can be found in my GitHub repository. A few steps that may be useful for others:

Next step, get back my old posts from nanoblogger.