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Shrinking VirtualBox vdi files

It is quite easy now to reduce a vdi file, by using the TRIM feature introduced with the SSD. Here is what I’ve done on my virtual machines.

I’ve used this command, with the virtual host down:

VBoxManage storageattach ubuntu --storagectl "SATA" --port 0 --discard on --nonrotational on

then, inside the ubuntu virtual host, I’ve run:

sudo fstrim -v /

Done! This simple operation has freed 5GB!

The VBoxManage command was identical for a Microsoft Windows 7 virtual host, and then I’v run ForceTRIM with administrator privileges from the virtual host - 7 more GB freed on my hard drive!

Of course removing some blocks from the vdi file must have some performance impact. This is not really a problem with linux, because the trim is only done manually (unless the drive is mounted with the discard option). On window it can be disabled with fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 1, but I don’t know if that’s really worth it. I think I’ll continue to use it with the TRIM enable and see how it works.

Update 2015-01-22

Performances were very bad on windows. Using

fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 1

helped a lot.

Conclusion: I’ll have to reenable TRIM support and use ForceTRIM from time to time to keep the vdi file as small as possible.