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Install IHaskell on Mac OS X

jupyter notebooks are awesome, and there are many kernels available for our favorite languages. I wanted to install IHaskell for some time, but always failed either to build it altogether, or to make it work. I finally succeeded today, and it wasn’t that difficult!

The dependencies have been installed using homebrew, and I already had a lot of stuff installed that I believe are also needed (XCode command line tools, xquartz, pango, cairo, python, jupyter, …)

I used stack to build and install IHaskell:

brew install stack
stack setup
stack install ihaskell

Last step, install the jupyter kernel. ihaskell has a subcommand for that:

~/.local/bin/ihaskell install

It needs a little help though to work properly with stack. The kernel spec is installed in ~/Library/Jupyter/kernels/haskell/kernel.json. In order to run the kernel in the stack environment, stack exec -- must be added before the kernel command in the argv entry:

    "display_name": "Haskell", 
    "language": "haskell", 
    "argv": [
        "stack", "exec", "--", 

That’s it! It is now possible to select Haskell when creating a new notebook in jupyter!